Issues with Contact Form 7 and Hostgator with email hosted by 3rd party

This morning I discovered an issue on one of my client’s sites where their contact form wasn’t properly sending mail to the correct address.  Specifically, it wasn’t sending at all.  After a brief chat with tech support, my problem was identified and fixed and all is well.  I should also preface this by saying that you WILL have to contact support to fix this problem, so I am writing this not so much as a how-to, but rather as a ‘here’s what’s happening, and here is what you need to tell support’ type article.

Problem:  WordPress (or anything that uses PHPMail for that matter) will not send email to domains outside of your primary account.

Description: Domains with email that is not hosted on Hostgator should be in a group titled ‘Remote Domains’ on the mail server.  Sometimes, when adding your additional domains, this doesn’t happen automatically and your domains are listed in a group called ‘Local Domains’ which is what was preventing your mail from routing correctly.

What to tell Support:  Simply use Hostgator chat or email (or a call if you are in a hurry) and ask the tech to verify your domains are in the correct send group.  If he/she acts confused, just ask him / her to check the Remote Domains group and they should get it at that point.

But wait, there’s more!  Well, not really.  I will say that this issue can be caused by code issues as well as plugin / theme issues if using wordpress or some other CMS.  But if you have tried troubleshooting those type problems and still can’t figure it out, this may get you up and running.

Just remember, this is, as far as I know, only valid with domains hosted by HostGator.

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