Sunday Morning Shenanigans

So this morning, I am reading my news feed and what have you and I notice the kids are unnaturally quiet.  Now any parent will tell you when the kids get quiet, something bad is about to happen.  So I get up and find out why they are being so quiet and after looking around the house for them I opened Hunter’s door only to find them playing Sonic the Hedgehog.  That’s right, Hunter was teaching his 2 year old sister how to play video games.  Photos after the break

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hunter teaches chloe how to play games
Hunter teaches Chloe how to play video games.

hunter plays games
Hunter playing close attention to his video game so he doesn’t lose a life

Chloe and the Ducks I took Chloe down to Lake Willastein this afternoon and we ran into a few ducks.  Watch as Chloe chases them around.