[Video] Hunter & Chloe Swimming / Chloe’s First Solo Swim

This morning started like any other…me waking up about an hour or two earlier than I wanted to, fighting kids, you know…the joys of Saturday mornings for any parent.  It being summer and all, and a damn nice day outside, I decided to take the little cretins outside to the pool to burn some energy.

Hunter, of course, loves swimming and goes every chance he gets.  Chloe, however, has only been a few times and when she has gone she has either been too tired or the water was too cold for her liking.  So I was hoping today would be different, and it was.


Oh, I took a few photos today too.  You may notice in the video there are about 4 spots where the video briefly hangs…I was taking a photo  and my phone was wonky, but hey, they are barely noticeable.