White Cloud vs. Charmin

Recently, I tested several types of toilet paper in an effort to see which was the best bang for the buck.  In that test, Charmin was the clear winner.  However, shortly after posting that article, I came across a Consumer Reports review of toilet paper which gave White Cloud the crown.  For those of you who have never seen White Cloud, it evidently is only sold in WalMart stores, so if you don’t shop there, or don’t have one (really?  Tell me where you live in the comments, im moving there) you probably haven’t seen it.  Naturally, I had to test this because usually they are spot on.  Will they be this time?  Find out the results of White Cloud vs. Charmin after the break.


Charmin Ultra SoftI’m not going to spend too much time here because I already went over it here.  Suffice it to say, the last time I wrote about this, I said that “Charmin Ultra Soft has the competition beat by a landslide.  Sure you pay a little more and get a little dust on your hands, but oh well.  It’s clean, soft and strong and does the job better than anything I’ve seen out there.”  I think that sums it up quite nicely.

White Cloud

White Cloud Soft and ThickFor this test, I used White Cloud Soft and Thick found at my local WalMart.  According to the description, White Cloud Soft and Thick is “premium quality at an affordable price.  White Cloud high-quality, two-ply bath tissue has all the softness you expect from a premium brand but without the premium price.”  Compared to almost $7 for the Charmin 12 pack, White cloud comes in about a dollar less for the same size carton.  As far as softness is concerned, White Cloud almost ties with Charmin.  It is pretty absorbent, so you need to use just a tad more than you would with other brands, but it does its job.  It’s just a little rougher.  It’s also weaker.  I found myself poking through several times and had to use extra just to make sure that didn’t happen.   If you happened to read the Consumer Reports article, it is fairly accurate, but use your own opinion.

The Winner

After all the rough spots, soft patches, and weeks of testing, I can still confidently say that Charmin Ultra Soft is hands down the best toilet paper as far as softness and absorbency.  Yes, it’s more expensive, but like most things on the market today, you get what you pay for.  Having said that, White Cloud isn’t bad, and I’m tempted to try the Ultra Soft White Cloud next just to see if that can compete.  It’s priced the same as Charmin, so one can only hope.

Until next time, stay…clean?

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