I’m Dietrich Duke, a web professional, speaker, photographer, marketing consultant, writer and blogger based out of Little Rock, Arkansas.  I spend most of my free time exploring the area around me, researching the latest web design trends, and taking care of my small family.

My interests include such mundane things as surfing the web and reading and more common things like camping and watching tv and movies to my more unique interests such as astronomy, web design, and mobile technology.  I am the founder and president of a local interactive marketing and IT services firm — in other words, I build and manage websites, manage social networks for folks, run online marketing campaigns, monitor and fix PCs and devices, and a whole lot more.acde14b6b02511e19894123138140d8c_7

I’m in my 30’s,  married, living in Central Arkansas, and have two wonderful children. Although work takes up quite a bit of time, I still find time watch movies, play games and cook great meals. Working in a restaurant for 10 years, one naturally picks up cooking skills, and what better laboratory for recipe ideas than in ones own kitchen!

I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively in my life, and continue to do so. Having visited three out of the seven continents on planet earth, I have seen and experienced more than most, and I am always willing to share my stories and insight about where I’ve been. When I travel, I like to post on my blog or social media sites reviews and tidbits from my locations. Sometimes, these can be crude, especially if I’ve had a hell of a time in a current situation, but most of the time I’m upbeat and if treated nicely in my travels, I leave a nice review….and tip!