I am a web professional, marketing consultant and writer based out of Little Rock, Arkansas.  What that means is that I design and develop websites, create marketing campaigns and strategies and create great web content to go along with it.  Currently in it’s third year of operation, Vestra Interactive, provides small and medium sized businesses and non-profits with marketing solutions designed to fit any budget.

Prior to founding Vestra Interactive, I operated a consumer-centric IT support company specializing in general PC repairs and networking.  While operating this company, I also worked in several fine dining restaurants, crafting my sales techniques and learning management skills (as well as some great cooking skills and recipes).  However, that never really paid the bills, so I started looking elsewhere for income.

Of course, I have always been involved with website development — at least as far back as 1994 (remember geocities?) so I had a few clients here and there needing small sites and what not, but I had never really done web work as a full time gig.  As luck would have it, as I was nearing my wits end struggling in the restaurants and my IT business, a local web development and marketing firm hired me in the sales department.

After a few years of working for this company I decided it was time to move on.  Not because I didn’t like what I did, but because I wanted more of a development roll and not a sales roll.  So I left and moved on to another local web design firm, this time as a developer.

Unfortunately, this second firm just didn’t fit and after a few months of pull your hair out stress I decided to call it quits and leave.  At this point, I had nothing else lined up but since I had experience running my own company before, and now had the knowledge of how modern web design firms operate, I decided to start my own business and Vestra Interactive was born.

Since that bright spring day a few years back, I haven’t been happier professionally.  I get to set my own hours, spend lots of time with my family, ignore the rush hour and of course pay the outrageous tax bills.  While I am not currently seeking employment, I am more than happy to discuss any web or marketing projects you or your business may have now or in the future on behalf of Vestra Interactive

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