Review: JitBit Macro Recorder

Are you a coder?  Or a video editor?  Or just someone who does the same things on their PC over and over who would like an easier way?  Would you like a way to just click an icon and have all your repetitive tasks take care of themselves?  In the past, you have been largely limited to difficult programs that require special codes to develop a script that would repeat your tasks — called a macro — or to the extremely limited windows Recorder app that isn’t even bundled in Windows anymore.  JitBit Macro Editor ScreenshotWhile not exactly new, I have stumbled upon a program, JitBit Macro Recorder, that takes the hassle out of developing macros.  It’s so easy, you just hit record and do your thing the first time and then when done, you press stop and voila, you have a macro.  It is a little problematic and confusing to change an existing macro, so in my experience it was easier to just start over, but once I got the hang of things, my work life has become much, much easier.

While not free, JMR does come with a free, unrestricted trial, and getting a paid license is pretty easy from that point.  The cost is about $40 and includes a year of support from the developer.  If you can’t afford a license, the developers go out of their way to prevent piracy by giving the program away for free in certain circumstances.  If you have a blog, you can write a review (like this one) for a free license, or you can participate in some type of “offer-pay” type deal where you signup for some 3rd party product or service and get this free.  Lastly, academic users can get a free license simply by linking to the developers website.

So if you are trying to save some time (and money) on repetitive computing tasks, give JitBit Macro Recorder a try.  It’s saved us hours of time so far and we’re positive it will save more going forward, which is why we wanted to share this great product with you.

If you would like to download the trial or purchase the full version of JitBit Macro Recorder, you can download it at

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